Article 1: Organization
The New Otani Club (hereinafter referred to as "NOC") is a membership organization operated by New Otani Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "New Otani").
Article 2: Purpose
The purpose of NOC is to provide a membership program consisting of services beneficial for users of New Otani Group Hotels and Associate Hotels, so as to ensure that its members can relax in true hospitality and will be welcomed back anytime.
Article 3: International Membership Regulations
The New Otani Club International Membership Regulations stipulated herein (hereinafter “Regulations”) applies, in principle, to all members of NOC who are residing outside of Japan.
Article 4: Membership Qualification
1) Established and frequent guests residing outside of Japan.
2) Individuals invited by New Otani.
NOC membership shall be granted to individuals who satisfy either of the above requirements. However, New Otani may decline membership applications depending on examination results.
Article 5: Application for Membership
The individual applying for membership shall fill in him/herself, the necessary information on either the application form designated by New Otani or the form within the NOC website.
Article 6: Admission and Annual Membership Fees
No admission fee or annual fees are charged for NOC membership for international members.
Article 7: Membership Card
Use of NOC membership cards are restricted to the cardholder whose name is imprinted on the face of the card, and the card shall, under no circumstances, be lent or transferred to other persons.
2. The NOC membership card for international members is not a credit card. Payment must be made by cash or recognized credit cards.
3. The NOC membership card must be presented to receive benefits and privileges.
Article 8: Point Program
The New Otani Club Point Program Terms and Conditions, stipulated separately, shall apply to NOC's Point Program.
Article 9: Validity Period and Cancellation of Membership
There is no validity period for the NOC membership for international members.
2. A Member’s NOC membership shall be cancelled.
1) whenever false information is submitted,
2) whenever a Member does not follow the Hotel Rules of Conduct or Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts of New Otani Group Hotels or Associate Hotels,
3) whenever the Member violates the Regulations stipulated herein,
4) whenever NOC is not advised of a Member’s change of home or business address and the Member becomes whereabouts become unknown, or
5) whenever the Member does not used New Otani Group Hotels for more than two years.
Article 10: Various Procedures
In case the following matters occur, the Member must notify NOC through the NOC website or notify the NOC Center Office.
1) If the Member’s membership card is lost, stolen or damaged,
2) If there is any change to the information provided in the application form (including but not limited to the Member’s address, telephone number, employment etc.), or
3) If the Member wishes to withdraw from NOC.
Article 11: Change in Membership Regulations
The Regulations stipulated herein are subject to change without prior notice. In such cases the amended provisions shall become valid upon announcement of the revised regulations on the NOC website.
Article 12: Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction
Any disputes arising between a Member and New Otani shall be negotiated between both parties in good faith.
2. In case disputes cannot be solved by negotiation, the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance.
Article 13: Governing Law
The New Otani Club International Membership Regulations shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
The above is effective as of April 1, 2015